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Dr. Kshitiz Sharma

Assistant Professor [ Alliance School of Business ]
+91 80 30938209

Dr. Kshitiz Sharma, an author and researcher possesses more than 15 years’ experience in industry and academics.  He started his career with Carlson Hospitality Worldwide (better known as Radisson) in Service Industry and also served Ambassador Flight Catering as a Flight Executive at Delhi. He has been associated with reputed academic institutions in various capacities as HOD-HM at IIAS, Center Manager at UEI Global (a Berggruen Education Pvt. Ltd initiative), HOD at VIHTM, affiliated to Saurashtra University etc.

Dr. Sharma is a Postgraduate in Business Administration, Tourism Management and English. His doctoral work is in management on the topic “Entrepreneurship Development in Tourism: Study of Goa”.  He is an alumni of IHM, Pusa. Dr. Sharma is a Certified Online Hospitality Educator form American Hospitality Academy (AHA). He is certified from IIMBx (edX program) in Predictive Analytics. He holds UGC-NET certification.

His work has been published in national and international journals, magazines, books. Simultaneously he has attended seminars, conferences, orientation programs and presented worthy literary works also.

His research interest is Services Marketing, Emerging Practices in Hospitality & Marketing, Tourism Infrastructure, Marketing Research, Entrepreneurship Development and Consumer Behavior

Dr. Sharma has joined School of Business, Alliance University as an Assistant Professor in the area of Marketing on June 4, 2012.

Research Paper Publications

  1. ‘Relative Importance of Push & Pull Factors in Entrepreneurial Selection for Tourismpreneur’, published in the Journal of Entrepreneurship and Management, October 2015, Vol 4, Issue 3, ISSN: 2277-6850
  2. ‘Upselling-A high revenue technique for hotels’, published in SPCERA IJBM, January 2015, Vol 3, Issue 7,  ISSN (Print): 4347-6842, with Sharma M.G.
  3. ‘Corporate in Competency Development: B-School Perspective’, published in IJBARR 1(6), 2014, ISSN -2348-0653, 23-30, Sharma, M.G. et al
  4. ‘Self-Management; An Essential Ingredient For Outstanding Performance  , published in ACADEMICIA, April 2014,Volume 4, Issue 4,  ISSN: 2249-7137,with Sharma M. G.
  5. ‘A Study of Entrepreneurs’ Background and Their Perception of Tourism in Goa   , published in Journal of Entrepreneurship and Management, October 2013,Volume 2, Issue 3,  p.g. 12-18, ISSN: 2277-6850
  6. ‘An Exploratory Research on Tourism & Development’, published in the    Journal of Entrepreneurship and Management, February 2013,Volume 2 Issue 1,  p.g. 50-58, ISSN: 2277-6850
  7. ‘A Conceptual Study Of The Change Process Of Society’   , published in ACADEMICIA, February 2013,Volume 3, Issue 2, p.g. 182-185, ISSN 2249-7137


Research Papers Presented/Published in the Conference Proceedings

  1. ‘Intrapreneurship in Tourism’, presented at the National Seminar on Tourism, March 16-17, 2012, Pondicherry University, Pudducherry
  2. ‘The role of Push and Pull factors in entrepreneurial development of Goa’, presented at the International Conference on the Future of Tourism Education and Growth of Tourism in Asia-Pacific: Vision, Values and Principles, March 1-2, 2012, College of Vocational Studies, University of Delhi
  3. ‘Entrepreneurs in Tourism-A Review’, published in the proceedings of International Conference ICEMAC-11, October 18-19, 2011, RKGIT, Ghajiabad
  4. ‘Emerging Industry Practices in Hospitality Operations’, presented at the National Conference on Emerging Trends in Hospitality & Tourism, April 9-10, 2011, MD University, Rohtak
  5. ‘E Tourism: An Innovative Approach for Developing Country (India)’, presented at the National Seminar on UGC-SAP, March 19-20, 2010, Pondicherry University, Pudduchery
  6. ‘New Dimensions of Development in M.P.’, presented at the National Conference on Development of M.P. and Tourism: Government Initiative and Incentives, February 2005, Madhya Pradesh

Case Studies

  1. ‘Best Practices in Research and Proposal Development-Zinnov's Way’, published in USHUS JBMgt, December 2015, No.33, Vol.14, Issue.4, ISSN:0975-3311, doi:10.12725/ujbm.33.6,with Vaishnav S.N. and Sharma M.G.
  2. ‘Defective Annual Increment Policy And Its Impact’, published in  IJHRIR-An ARSEAM Journal, February 2015, Vol 2, Issue 2, ISSN (Print): 2349-4816, with  Sharma Moutushi Ganguli and K.R Mahesh Kumar
  3. ‘A Case Study; Ethical Dilemma Over Free Internet Connection’, published in ACADEMICIA, April 2014,  Volume 4, Issue 4, ISSN: 2249-7137
  4. ‘A Case Study on McDonald's Supply-Chain in India’, published in Asia Pacific Journal Of Marketing And Management Review, January, 2013, Vol 3-No.1,  ISSN: 2319-2836         


Articles Published

  1. ‘I want to work in …selling’, published in ALLIANCE insights, October-December 2015, Vol. 5-Issue 2, , pg.16 Views
  2. ‘A Case Study on McDonald's Supply-Chain in India’, published in LOGI-BIZ Business Magazine, Japan, November 2014,
  3. ‘Geographic Information Systems in Tourism Planning’, published in ALLIANCE insights, Vol. II, Issue 2, pg.2 proceedings, October-December 2012
  4. ‘Hospitality: refocusing on the frontline employee’, published in ALLIANCE insights, Vol. IV, April-June 2012, pg.7 proceedings


Book Publications

  1. ‘Introduction to Tourism’, April 2014, McGrawHill Education, ISBN-13: 978-1-25-902680-5


Book Chapter Publications

  1. ‘Destination Life Cycle: A case of Bali’, published in edited book- Heritage and Tourism: Public, Potential & Problems, April 2012, Bharti Publications, Delhi, ISBN 978-93-81212-13-x, with Sharma Moutushi Ganguli
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