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Assistant Professor [ Alliance School of Business ]
+91 80 30938138

Prof. Subhradev Sen holds a first class first masters’ degree holder in Statistics from Visva-Bharati University, Santiniketan, India. He is currently pursuing his Ph.D. from the Department of Statistics, Pondicherry (Central) University, India. He teaches Managerial Mathematics and Business Statistics for BBA and MBA courses in the University. He is having altogether 10 years of teaching, industry, academic and research experiences in Statistics. Before joining to Alliance University on August 2016, he served the Division of Clinical Research & Biostatistics, Malabar Cancer Centre (An Autonomous Centre under Govt. of Kerala), Kerala, India, as a Lecturer in Biostatistics for 3 and half years on a permanent position. Taught post graduate level Statistics in the Department of Statistics, Pondicherry University, India, during July 2006 to April 2010 as a Lecturer in Statistics. During 2010-2012, he served Advanced Medicare & Research Institute, Kolkata as a Statistician.

Prof. Sen is actively involved in research activities. His major area of research includes Distribution Theory, Reliability Engineering & Quality Control and Survival Analysis. Prof. Sen is Life Member of Indian Science Congress Association (ISCA), Calcutta Statistical Association (CSA), Indian Association for Productivity, Quality & Reliability (IAPQR), Indian Society for Probability & Statistics (ISPS). Attended several conferences, training programs and international conferences and presented Research Articles. Publishes research articles in National/ International journals of repute. He is also reviewer of several peer-reviewed journals. He was a Member-Secretary of the Academic Council in Malabar Cancer Centre, India.

He has given invited talks on Statistics in the PG Centre, Pondicherry University, Karaikal, India, Kerala University of Health Sciences, Thrissur, India, Pariyaram Medical College, Kerala to name a few. Besides a strong academic career, Prof. Sen holds a Bachelor and a Diploma in Fine Arts and was a co-editor of Bengali Magazine.



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