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Salma Salma Begum, Doctoral Scholar

The Doctoral Degree Program at Alliance University School of Business is thoroughly researched and a great amount of time and effort has gone into the designing of the program. Kudos to the Doctoral Program team! The program is intense, requiring a high level of commitment from the student even as it is academically rigorous. I hope I meet the expectations and high standards set for us by the University.

M. M. K. Lodi, Doctoral Scholar

The Doctoral Degree Program at Alliance University School of Business is easily one of the most academically-rigorous and intense research programs in India. Alliance University is a standard setter in many ways: selecting suitable candidates who meet their exacting standards, in-depth course content, and the focus on depth and quality of research. The teaching faculty—who have a rich blend of industry experience and impeccable academic credentials are embellished by visiting faculty from international universities—are highly-accomplished. The facilities on the campus for academic pursuits and research, in particular the infrastructure and ambience, are excellent. Alliance University's relentless and uncompromising emphasis on the quality of education and research is evident in its focus on preparing research scholars who are internationally-qualified, and not merely to fulfill the norms for awarding research degrees.

Kiran Kiran Varghese Jacob, Google

My two years at Alliance University have groomed me to be a confident individual ready to enter the corporate world and has deepened this confidence by helping me get a job in my dream organization. Alliance with its state of the art facilities, competitive curriculum, varied cultural mix and strong faculty base has motivated and guided me to reach my goal. My bond with my Alma Mater will last forever and it'll be one which I'll cherish my whole life.

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