Academic Services

Academic Services

IT Infrastructure

The Alliance School of Business has implemented an IT network infrastructure and a state-of-the-art Unified Communication Solution for the university campus with the latest technology that suits the present and future needs of higher education. The Alliance School of Business in association with CISCO and WIPRO has built a strong network and communication infrastructure, which includes excellent campus-wide Wi-Fi connectivity.


The Alliance School of Business library has one of the best collections of information sources in management-related disciplines. The library has a large collection of text and reference books and multimedia, which is continuously updated with the latest editions. It subscribes to international periodicals, databases, and online journals. The library maintains an intranet website through which students can access online databases, journals, and catalogues anywhere in the campus using Wi-Fi connectivity. The library has a digital library providing full-text collection of documents. The collection includes faculty publications and multimedia. It has ample reading room facilities spread over four floors, with a seating capacity for over one thousand students.