Adventure Club

Adventure Club

"What you do to reach your destination is more important than reaching the destination in itself."

Adventure sports for students is highly popular with both undergraduate and postgraduate students of the University. This activity is spearheaded by the Alliance Adventure Club where the students take a leadership role, and under the guidance of trained professionals and experts. The emphasis is on physical fitness, games, sports and adventure that aim to increase student productivity levels as well as build team spirit in an environment of friendship and trust. Also, participation in adventure and related outdoor activities promotes among students leadership, courage, vigor, and a sense of self-growth and comradeship.

Eligibility criteria

Participants must be in good health and should be able to endure the rigors of adventure sports. It is imperative and vital for the organizers to be informed about medical problems or conditions of the participant well in advance and before departure. Those suffering from muscular, chest and cardiac problems, bronchial disorders, etc. are strongly advised against participating in adventure sports.

Risk Certificate:
Participants in adventure sports are required to sign a Risk Certificate.

Type of activities included in adventure sports

Air Gun Shooting Bamboo Rafting
Camping Certificate course in Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation
Certified First Aid course Micro light Flight
Paint Ball White Water Rafting
Scuba Diving Wave Surfing
Trekking Rappelling
River Crossing, Zip Line and High Rope Crossing Tunnel Exploring
Cave Exploring Zummaring
Kayaking Chimney Climbing
Archery Rock Climbing
Para Sailing Summer Adventure Camp


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