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Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) course is a full-time, three-year, undergraduate course of study aimed at preparing young graduates to take up challenging careers in business and industry, and enables them to pursue higher studies thereafter. The course also equips graduates with required skill sets such as analytical, decision-making, technical, interpersonal and technological skills. The course is designed to develop a holistic personality in graduates thus enabling them to succeed as professionals, while at the same time find fulfillment in their personal lives. The overall objective of the course is to prepare young professionals to be responsible and responsive to the demands of society in an ever-changing environment.

Course Duration

Three years (six semesters)

The course aims at

  • Enabling students to acquire contemporary management ideas and concepts
  • Developing the ability of students to apply such concepts to practical situations
  • Providing a comprehensive learning experience, designed to educate the students about global business practices
  • Facilitating learning through complementary networks of students, faculty and industry professionals

Course Pedagogy

Students differ in their individual learning styles, and each student possesses a unique combination of multiple intelligences. Our integrated teaching methodology nurtures a stimulating learning environment to encourage students to learn at higher levels. The delivery methodology is student-centered and includes active learning, inquiry, experiential learning, co-operative and participative learning activities. We focus on integration of knowledge, development of critical thinking, problem solving, and performance skills. Such a learning environment encourages the students to enjoy lessons, try out new things and to think creatively and independently. Our students thrive in a challenging academic atmosphere and enjoy the rich cultural life of the institute.

Key Features
  • Quality Education
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure
  • A strong base of core faculty
  • Interaction with industry leaders, practitioners and professionals
  • Scholarships available to meritorious students
  • Additional courses offered to enhance managerial skills
  • Mentoring system
  • Industry visits
  • Internship
  • Industry centered assignments in leading companies
  • Student committees - HR, Finance, Marketing and Public Relations
  • Adequate Library facility
  • Involvement of students in research work
  • Separate accommodation facility available for boys and girls
  • Extracurricular activities - sports and cultural
  • Assistance to avail bank loan
Course structure
Subject Credits
Language - I 3
Managerial Mathematics 3
Fundamentals of Management 3
Fundamentals of Accounting 4
Marketing Management 3
Managerial Economics 3
Human Resource Management 3
Fine Arts and Indian Culture*  
Total Credits 22
Subject Credits
Language - II 3
Financial Accounting 4
Statistics for Managerial Decisions 3
Macro Economics for Business 3
Marketing of Services 3
Organizational Behavior 3
Managerial Ethics and Corporate Social Resoponsibility 3
French/German - I*  
Total Credits 22
Subject Credits
Operations Research 3
Business Communication - I 3
Corporate Accounting 4
Operations Management 3
Global Business Management 3
Marketing Strategy 3
Training and Development 2
Environmental Science 1
Disaster Management 1
French/German - II*  
Total Credits 23
Subject Credits
Financial Management 3
Spreadsheet Modelling 3
Supply Chain Management 3
Business Law 2
Family Business Management 3
Cost  Accounting 3
Indian Constitution 1
E-Business 3
Business Communication - II 3
Total Credits 24
Subject Credits
Business Strategy 3
Business Research Methods 3
Management Accounting 3
Fiscal Policy and Tax Management 3
Elective 1 4
Elective2 4
Elective3 4
Total Credits 24
Subject Credits
Management Information Systems 3
Intellectual Property Rights 3
Entrepreneurship Development 3
Law and Practice of Banking and Insurance 3
Industry Internship Program 6
Elective 4 4
Elective 5 4
Total Credits 26

* These Subjects are optional and on a chargeable basis.

Industry Internship Program

Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Business Administration course will intern at reputed companies and across key industry sectors to gain direct experience through a field-based assignment. The industry Intership Program offers academic and professional value addition to a student's learning experience.

Elective No. Subject code Subject Credits
Elective 1 MGT 200 Consumer Behaviour 4
Elective 2 MGT 201 Sales & Distribution Management 4
Elective 3 MGT 202 Product & Brand Management 4
Elective 4 MGT 203 Integrated Marketing Communications 4
Elective 5 MGT 204 Retail Management 4
Elective No. Subject code Subject Credits
Elective 1 MGT 220 Financial Markets and Services 4
Elective 2 MGT 221 Security Analysis & Portfolio Management 4
Elective 3 MGT 222 Financial Statement Analysis 4
Elective 4 MGT 223 International Financial Management 4
Elective 5 MGT 224 Strategic Financial Management 4
Elective No. Subject code Subject Credits
Elective 1 MGT 240 Corporate Leadership and Organization Development 4
Elective 2 MGT 241 Human Resource Development 4
Elective 3 MGT 242 Labour Laws and Welfare 4
Elective 4 MGT 243 Industrial Relation Management 4
Elective 5 MGT 244 International Human Resource Management 4
Elective No. Subject code Subject Credits
Elective 1 MGT 260 EXIM Trade 4
Elective 2 MGT 261 Global Marketing Management 4
Elective 3 MGT 262 Intercultural Human Resource Management 4
Elective 4 MGT 263 International Business Finance 4
Elective 5 MGT 264 International Business Law 4
Elective No. Subject code Subject Credits
Elective 1 MGT 280 Project and Service Management 4
Elective 2 MGT 281 Lean Operations and Total Quality Management 4
Elective 3 MGT 282 Innovation and Emerging Trends in Technology 4
Elective 4 MGT 283 Business Analytics & Intelligence 4
Elective 5 MGT 284 Green Energy and Sustainable Operations 4

Principal Subjects

  • Environmental Studies - Sem III
  • Disaster Management - Sem III
  • Indian Constitution - Sem IV

Note: An elective specialization stream is offered in the BBA course only if a minimum number of students enroll for the specialization.

Attendance Requirement

  • Each semester shall be taken as a unit for the purpose of calculating attendance
  • A student shall be considered to have satisfied the requirement of attendance for the semester, if student has attended not less than 75% of the total number of working periods in each of the subjects
  • A student who fails to complete the Program in the manner stated above shall not be allowed to appear for the University examinations
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