Centers for Excellence

Centers for Excellence

Centers for Excellence supplement and hone the skills. These centers are application oriented and the input given to students is based on activities rather than on theoretical learning. There are three Centers for Excellence in the Alliance School of Business:

Center for Development of Entrepreneurship and Leadership (CDEL)


The CDEL supports the Mission of the Alliance School of Business, Alliance University to provide students with quality education that kindles creativity, encourages innovation, and enables them to compete successfully in the global business arena by developing leadership perspectives with an entrepreneurial mindset. CDEL inspires students to explore the possibility of becoming entrepreneurs soon after graduation, and nurtures students to become successful entrepreneurs who will create jobs, invent or commercialize new technologies and strengthen the economy. CDEL also provides consulting, access to a network of mentors for student entrepreneurs.

The CDEL objectives are:

  • To support students in their project work
  • To provide incubation for outside start-ups
  • To provide opportunity for faculty members to serve as consultants
  • To provide legal succession planning support for students who will be joining family businesses after the MBA Program.

What do we do for aspiring student entrepreneurs?:

  • Help finalize the business opportunity
  • Help prepare the business plan
  • Organize interaction with successful entrepreneurs
  • Organize workshops on important topics
  • Link to mentors
  • Provide access to suppliers, service providers, chartered accountants, advocates and financial institutions.

Center for Cognitive Sciences

This centre focuses on building and enhancing the interdisciplinary approach particularly between management and technology. The centre focuses on introducing courses, workshops, seminars and other short-term focused training programs in the areas of technology management such as expert systems, neural networks, nanotechnology, and innovation management.

Center for Foreign Languages

In the age of globalization, difference in languages should not become a barrier in communication. Keeping this in mind while framing its curriculum, the School of Business, Alliance University aims to prepare its students for global leadership positions by introducing two widely spoken foreign languages (apart from English)---French and Spanish. These two subjects (students will choose one) are specifically designed for students who are learning the languages for the first time. These subjects will give students the working knowledge, both in terms of spoken and written forms of the language, at the elementary level. It is expected that after completion of the subject, students will be able to express themselves adequately in a general situation. Foreign language training provides students with the skills to appreciate and gain useful insights of global business practices and styles of management. Students will be given a certificate after passing the examination at the end of the subject. This subject will not be included for calculating the Grade Point Average.

The Centre for Excellence in Communication and Leadership

Corporates prefer students who possess outstanding academic grades and a strong grounding in soft skills. This is necessary, as the companies incur a substantial cost providing additional training on soft skills after the students are hired. Employers are of the opinion that training in soft skills for business graduates is primarily the responsibility of the B-School and look to the Institute to take the initiative here.

The Centre for Excellence in Communication and Leadership at Alliance University aims at preparing students to enhance well-rounded awareness and knowledge about relevant soft skills, such as personal development, business etiquette, grooming, presentation skills, workplace conduct, and business awareness.

The Centre for Excellence in Communication and Leadership is driven by the spirit to look beyond business theories, processes and techniques to emphasize self-awareness, cross-cultural sensitivity and leadership skills as well as a socially responsible and ethical approach to conducting business.