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Prof. Nusrathunnisa I.

Assistant Professor [ Alliance School of Business ]

Prof. Nusrathunnisa is an M.Com from Bangalore University, M.B.A. (Finance), Master of Philosophy (Commerce) from Madurai Kamaraj University and is pursuing a doctoral degree from Visveswaraya Technological University.


She has over a decade of experience in teaching and research in the field of Management Education. She has participated in various conferences both international and national and published articles in journals of repute including World Journal of Social Sciences, Asian Journal of Finance and Accounting, SDM Journal and many more.


Her area of teaching and research interest includes Accounting and Corporate Finance.

Research Papers Presented/Published in the Conference Proceedings

  1.  ‘Frontier Global Issues and Challenges in the Millennium on Emerging Economy, Accounting, Finance, Information & Communication Technology, Business & Management’, presented at the International Conference, 2012, organized by RDA, Jaipur
  2. ‘Global Business – Opportunities & Challenges’, presented at the International Conference, 2012, organized by PESIT, Bangalore
  3. ‘Viability Gap Funding’, presented at the International Conference, 2011, organized by Dhanraj Baid Jain College, Chennai


Research Paper Publications

  1. ‘Analysing The Short Run Operating Performance of Acquisitions: Indian Perspective’, in IJRCM, August 2015,Vol. 5, Issue 08, Pp.18-22
  2. ‘Does the Dividend Policy Affect Shareholders’ Wealth of Bank Nifty Index Constituent Banks?’, in AEIJMR, June 2015, Vol 3, Issue 6 , Pp.1-10
  3. ‘Is EVA a Superior Measure of Shareholder Value? Evidence from CNX Nifty Constituent Firms’, in Asian Journal of Finance & Accounting, June 2014., Vol. 6, No. 1, Pp.388-401
  4. ‘Market Reaction to Bonus Announcement in Post Global Financial Crisis Era: Evidence from India’, in Asian Journal of Finance & Accounting, December 2013,    Vol. 5, No. 2, Pp.257-267
  5. ‘Impact of Dividends on Share Price Performance of Companies in Indian Context’, in  SDMIMD Journal of Management, March 2013,Vol.4, Pp. 4-9
  6. ‘What Drives Shareholders’ Return? Evidence from Indian Steel Sector’, in the World Journal of Social Sciences, Nov-12, Vol.2, No.7,  Pp. 9-23
  7. ‘Does Lintner Model of Dividend Payout hold good? An Empirical Evidence from BSE SENSEX firms’, in SDMIMD Journal of Management, Sept. 2012, Vol.3, No.2,  Pp. 63-76


Awards won

  1. Alliance Research Excellence Award, Alliance University - School of Business, 2012-13  
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