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Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Semester Exchange :

For an MBA student who aspires to gain a deeper appreciation of the global dimensions of business and cross-cultural learning, the second or third semester of the study from Alliance School of Business, Alliance University, is considered the best time to do a semester at one of our partner institutions abroad. With a firm grounding in Semester I at Alliance School of Business, Alliance University, and before the focus is set on the specialization selected in Semesters III and IV, students are usually in the right frame of mind for exposure to parallel perspectives.

International Partner Institutions

Telecom School of Management Berlin School of Economics and Law
Paris School of Business European Business School
Toulouse Business School University of Applied Sciences
Togliatti Academy of Management University of Dundee
University of Memphis San Jose State University
Webber International University  
Maastricht School of Management

Dual Degree Program* :

Dual Degree Programs offered by Alliance School of Business, Alliance University, have been carefully crafted after an extensive mapping of subjects in each course with selected partner universities abroad. The aim of the Dual-degree Program is to enable MBA students to receive two degrees from two separate, world-class institutions in about the same time it takes to get one degree. These programs offer relevant and rigorous curriculum content to keep students informed of the most up-to-date management theories. MBA students graduating with two global Master’s degrees are always considered the pick of the crop by top prospective employers.

International Partner Institutions

Toulouse Business School Antwerp Management School

Credit Transfer Program :

MBA students seeking to acquire a global Master’s degree in their specialization find the Credit Transfer Program the most ideal. The students are required to complete a stipulated period of study at Alliance School of Business, Alliance University, before joining the partner university of their choice to continue the rest of the coursework and, upon its completion, receive that university’s degree.

International Partner Institutions

Paris School of Business University of Bedfordshire
Fairleigh Dickinson University

International Summer School :

International Summer School at a foreign university will typically give the MBA student an in-depth look at the inside workings of the top global corporations. The two-to-three week program at a university of the student’s choice includes a short but comprehensive study immersion on a key theme related to the global business environment, along with visits to leading companies across manufacturing, services and infrastructure sectors. This comprehensive capsule of study is blended with a cultural aspect, so that the management student acquires the necessary awareness of the perspectives on the global economy.

International Partner Institutions

Telecom School of Management Berlin School of Economics and Law
Toulouse Business School

* Reference is made to the ‘Promotion and Maintenance of Standards of Academic Collaboration between lndian and Foreign Educational lnstitutions Regulations, 2016’ notified by the UGC on 13th July, 2016. The procedures for approvals are underway.

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