Press Release 11th November 2017
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  1. Alliance University is established in the State of Karnataka by Act No.34 of 2010 and is recognized by the University Grants Commission.  Madhukar Angur was appointed as the Chancellor of Alliance University by the sponsoring body – Alliance Business School - as per the Alliance University Act. During his tenure as Chancellor of Alliance University (2010-2015), Madhukar Angur misused his power and position and committed serious misdeeds including financial irregularities, embezzlement of funds, breach of trust, misuse of financial position and committed offences of acute moral turpitude. He was also in judicial custody for over 4 weeks in a rape case, the chargesheet of which have been filed by the police against him. The Board of Directors of the sponsoring body after conducting a detailed enquiry about the activities of Madhukar Angur, found him guilty of all charges.
  2. Madhukar Angur was terminated from the post and designation of Chancellor of Alliance University on 7th April, 2016 under the authority vested in the Board of the Sponsoring Body by following due process and procedure of law as prescribed in the Alliance University Act 2010 (as per section 11(1) of Alliance University Act, “the Sponsoring body shall have the powers “to appoint or re-appoint or terminate the appointment of the Chancellor”). The Hon’ble City Civil Court in various case matters has held that Madhukar Angur after having been dismissed by the sponsoring body is in no way connected with Alliance University and has no locus-standi to represent the University. Even the Hon’ble High Court of Karnataka has upheld that the sponsoring body has every power to dismiss the Chancellor, even the first Chancellor.
  3. A One-Man commission appointed by the Higher Education Department, Government of Karnataka in its report dated 9th November 2016 submitted to the Government of Karnataka also found Madhukar Angur guilty of embezzlement of university funds to the tune of Rs.96 crores. 
  4. The sponsoring body appointed Professor Sudhir G. Angur as the Chancellor of the Alliance University on 15/4/2016 by following due process of law and his appointment was communicated to the Hon’ble Visitor of the University, Higher Education Department and all statutory bodies.
  5. Mr. Madhukar Angur, though terminated from his post, continued to create disturbance by misusing the nomenclature, seals, assets and intellectual property of Alliance University with the false claim that he is the Chancellor of Alliance University.
  6. On 21st October 2017, the Hon’ble City Civil Court has issued two injunction orders restraining Madhukar Angur and his aides from interfering in the affairs of the University and the sponsoring body including prohibiting him from entering into any of the premises of the University.  Honoring the court orders, all illegally appointed officers including anti-social elements vacated the University premises without resistance.
  7. All legitimate officers of Alliance University including Prof. Sudhir G. Angur the Chancellor, Mr. Madhu Sudan Mishra, Registrar, other administrators, faculty and staff over 350 are in charge of all academic and non-academic activities of the University.
  8. With the lawful administrative machinery in place, the University is working with haste to bring all matters back to normalcy keeping in mind the absolute interest of the student community.
  9. All academic, examination and related activities will continue without interruptions.
  10. However, despite the legal injunctions against Madhukar Angur, he continues to spread false and malicious rumours about the University and attempts to mislead stakeholders and public at large. He has also misled the press claiming to be an office bearer at the University, despite of his termination. The press and media are requested not to heed to any of the false claims made by Madhukar Angur and his associates. Any clarifications required will be answered by Mr. Madhu Sudan Mishra, Registrar, Alliance University. The press and other well-wishers are requested to disregard any misleading claims made by Madhukar Angur and his associates.
  11. Copies of the following are attached herewith:
  1. Order passed by the Hon’ble City Civil Court in O.S. 3932/2017
  2. Order passed by the Hon’ble City Civil Court in O.S. 5148/2017
  3. One-man commission report dated 9th November 2016
  4. FIR against Madhukar Angur in embezzlement case
  5. Charge Sheet filed by the police against Madhukar Angur in rape case


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Alliance University Press Release 11th November 2017