The Alliance School of Business offers several academic courses in management that combine rigor with relevance. The Master of Business Administration (MBA) course is the flagship of the Alliance School of Business with its emphasis on a global perspective and focus. The academic courses in management offered by the Alliance School of Business are designed to equip its graduates with the knowledge and skills that will enable them to be successful as managers and/or entrepreneurs.

At the Alliance School of Business, graduates are nurtured and developed with individualized care and attention, in small work groups and teams, and in a practical, application-oriented and user-friendly environment. There is a strong emphasis on project work. The academic courses at the Alliance School of Business lay the foundation for strong conceptual and analytical reasoning, and impart to graduates an insight into the dynamics of the increasingly global business environment. The Alliance School of Business prepares its graduates to manage and lead in today's complex, competitive and dynamic global economy.

Developing skills in leading and teamwork is an important facet of the School's academic courses in management, which anticipate the changing practices of many of today's successful organizations. The interactive skills of effective communication, conflict management, negotiation and mobilizing individuals towards common goals are the essential ingredients of effective management education, which are comprehensively incorporated into the curriculum at the Alliance School of Business.