Prometheus is the oldest and a very active club at Alliance School of Business, Alliance University. The domain of finance is ever evolving and Prometheus makes conscious efforts to keep the student community updated on the contemporary events through brainstorming sessions, intellectual panel discussions, simulations and quizzes. It has been actively engaged in building a strong academic base for finance major students in enhancing their general awareness and ability to interpret current financial news. The flagship event of the club, 'Mock-Stock' and the business quiz, 'Ponderer' have received rave reviews and are very popular among the students.


This club, which is an integral part of the Finance area, is named after the Titan, Prometheus, who was a champion of mankind, and known for his intelligence. Prometheus is credited with playing a pivotal role in the early history of mankind. The intelligence of Prometheus is an attribute that we would like the club to personify.


  • To demystify the world of finance through various activities such as quizzes, mock-stock simulation, guest lectures, seminars, treasure hunt, and many other activities
  • To promote discussions and interactions through blogs and newsletters among students and keep them updated with the ever-changing financial world.


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