Student Life

Student Life at Alliance School of Business

A student at the Alliance School of Business benefits from a world-class living experience. The living experience of students on campus is enriched in a number of ways. The centers for excellence supplement and hone the skills the students receive by scheduled course work. These include activities aimed at enhancing their skills of employability, exposure to foreign languages, and imparting skills that develop innovative thinking and entrepreneurship.

The campus provides an ideal environment for young minds to explore new ideas and encourages creativity and independent thinking. The campus is seamlessly integrated with an information technology background that offers Wi-Fi connectivity. An excellent library with one of the best collections of information sources in management related disciplines offer an unmatched learning experience for knowledge seekers.

Alliance School of Business, Alliance University encourages students to be actively engaged in different clubs that focus on functional areas or specializations, hobbies and cultural activities. These clubs enhance the knowledge of students through various activities and events.

The Alliance School of Business provides an excellent quality of life to its students by extending world-class facilities such as a gymnasium, an activity center, residential halls, and health care services.